Have a metal allergy but love jewelry??

Then this is the collection for you. Many of jewelry artist, Kay Flick, necklaces are leather backed with front closures. Like shown in this video. So no metal touches your skin!!


Besides the leather back and front closure, the necklaces feature high quality gemstones and come in sterling silver, 14/20 gold and copper.

Kay also creates beautiful, all beaded necklaces, that are also safe for people with metal allergies. These are 90in long with no closure so they can be worn single, doubled or tripled for variety of style!!

Stop in and check out these GREAT new collections.

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The Marvelous World of Jewelry

#751 Blue coral necklaces

Blue Coral Necklaces

Angela Lensch Gallery is excited to host a two day Meet the Artist/Jewelry Trunk Show on Saturday and Sunday, June 29/30 from 10a-5p each day. The show will feature jewelry artist, Kay Flick. A lifelong Wisconsin resident, Kay studied Studio Arts at the University of Wisconsin. In addition to creating art jewelry, she’s done extensive work in textiles and porcelain, won numerous awards and has had work accepted into the Indianapolis Museum of Art, the Neville Public Museum and the J. Michael Kohler Art Museum.

Kay’s latest collection showcases hand-crafted components from around the world; porcelain flowers from the American southwest, various ceramic and gemstone components from France, Belgium and Greece, to ‘Om’ prayer beads from Tibet to name just a few. She imaginatively combines these tiny gems into original, multi-cultural treasures which reflect her unique aesthetic.

Treat yourself to the elegance of hand-painted porcelain flower earrings. Or go casual with rustic earthenware and leather. Enjoy Kay’s whimsical adornments, perfect for summer fun.


#609 flower earrings, red

Hand-painted porcelain flowers (available in variety of colors), Swarovski pearls, 14/20 gold

She says: “I cherish handmade beads from kindred craftspeople around the world. It’s as if each little creation honors its maker’s unique presence. Working with these beads, I feel closer to these people…it’s a way of knowing them.” In this way, each piece of Kay’s jewelry becomes a collaged tribute to the myriad people and cultures sharing this planet we call our own.

“I love Kay’s new collection for many reasons but my favorite takeaway is many of her necklaces are either leather or all beads, so people with metal allergies can wear her necklaces. In addition, many of these necklaces have a front closure, which makes them very easy to get on and off.” states gallery owner and fellow jewelry artist Angela Lensch

Sample a snack with a glass of wine and let us introduce you to Kay Flick and her ‘Marvelous World of Jewelry’ Saturday and Sunday, June 29/30, 2019. A truly diverse collection to please every spirit that dances in your heart.  Angela Lensch Gallery is open daily 10am to 5pm, closed Wednesdays and is located at the south end of Egg Harbor within the turn of the century log cabin, 7653 Highway 42. (920) 868-5088


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EGGstravaganza 2019

unnamed (11)

Created by Angela Lensch & Coleen Bins (owner of Chief Oshkosh, Native American Arts Gallery)

Our Waters Must be Protected for All Life in Creation.
The “Evergrowing Tree, Wampum Belt” reaches toward the Skyworld that all Nations may see it and symbolizes the permanence of the Great Peace. 
The “Two Row, Wampum Belt” represents peace, friendship, respect and the universal relationship of non-domination, balance, and harmony between different forces.
The “Seven Pointed Star” medallions represent the Sun and the Moon and reminds us to consider how our decisions made today will effect the People and Creation seven generations from now.
The “Day and Night Thunderbird” represents the Duality of Creation and everything in it. 

Angela Lensch Gallery is proud to be a

2019 Eggstravaganza Sponsor!!

EGGstravaganza Display: May 24 – August 17

The Public Arts Initiative of Egg Harbor and the Egg Harbor Business Association joined forces to celebrate the Village’s 55th anniversary! You’re invited to join us once again to celebrate EGGstravaganza. 28 artist created eggs will be on display between May 24th and August 17th. Spectators can go on an egg hunt to view each sculpture and vote for their favorite.

EGGstravaganza Auction: August 17, 2019

EGGstravaganza serves as a fundraising vehicle to promote permanent public art in the Village of Egg Harbor. Join us at the Donald and Carol Kress Pavilion for a live auction of the eggs! Proceeds to equally benefit the artists and future public arts projects in the Village.


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Open for the 2019 Season


Angela Lensch Gallery

Open for the 2019 Season!!

10:00a – 5:00p Daily – Closed Wednesday

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Angela Lensch Jewelry


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Woven Lotus w/ Labradorite drop


Email for more info.

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Gemstone Mix


Over 100 feet of 14k goldfilled wire weave together Aquamarine, Pink Quartz, Garnet, Mookite with Swarovski glass pearls and crystals. Adjustable from 17-20in.

Email for more info.

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