Angela Lensch, owner and resident jewelry artist, grew up on a lovely farm just outside Decorah, Iowa. She earned her BFA in Sculpture and Furniture from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and has focused those skills into her current work, creating sculpted jewelry in gold and silver.

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Using a specialized technique Angela takes precious metals and weaves them together with gemstones, pearls, crystal, wood, bone, shell and/or fair trade sari wrapped beads, creating unique matrices of wearable art. Every piece is one-of-a-kind and hand made. Each woven necklaces contains a distinct style, collection of color and texture, as well as alchemical properties.


Every woven necklace is adjustable from 16-19in or 18-21in. Many have an average of 60ft of gold or silver woven into them; some variations have a lighter weave (30-40ft of gold or silver) and other are more full with a longer area of weaving (100-120ft of gold or silver).


14k GF Woven Necklace, Adjustable 16-19in

“I love making the woven gemstone necklaces because each one is so unique and special… like a small potion… a collection of colors and alchemy. 

I have learned as a jewelry artist that my work is never completely done until it finds the right woman to rest upon – then it is complete. To experience that moment is the most exciting part of being a jewelry artist.”

To purchase or order Angela Lensch Jewelry online:

Call or email the gallery or fill out the Contact Form below – Angela will send you info, pics, dimensions and price of the pieces she has in stock. Custom orders are also available.

“My handwoven pendant and earring collections consist over 50 different designs within the Woven Wheel and Marquise Collections each and over 20 different designs within the Woven Pearl Collection. All of which I create in both 14k gold-filled and sterling silver wire, findings and chain.”


Angela’s latest collection features her elegant woven wire work within the marquise shape, within the circle of life or wheel or woven into a sphere which Angela calls her “woven pearls”. The following is a small look book of the collection:


One response to “ANGELA’s JEWELRY

  1. Helene Chaisson

    November 23, 2018 at 5:30 pm

    Hi Angela, very interested in placing an online order. Do you have a catalog or a look book available for viewing ? Please let me know best way to go about viewing and ordering ?? As I live out of state.Your work is beautiful! Look forward to hearing from you .


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