Angela Lensch Gallery

2016 Featured Jewelry Artists




Angela, owner and resident jewlery artist, grew up on a lovely farm just outside Decorah, Iowa. She earned her BFA in Sculpture and Furniture from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and has focused those skills into her current work, creating sculpted jewelry in gold and silver. Using a specialized technique Angela takes precious metals and weaves them together with gemstones, pearls, crystal, wood, bone, shell and/or fair trade sari wrapped beads. Angela opened Angela Lensch Gallery in 2014 and has called Door County home for almost 15 years.

  • To view an archive of many of Angela’s one-of-a-kind woven gemstone and pearl necklaces click here.
  • To view an archive of many of Angela’s one-of-a-kind woven pendant necklaces click here.
  • The link to the earring page is coming soon.
  • To purchase Angela Lensch Jewelry online, click here to view the current online collection.





Rachel Frye’s original designs were born out of a love for found objects and a desire to give them new life. This led to the desire to create her own simple and easy to wear unique objects, and in 2013 CIVAL Jewelry Designs by Copper Shoppe was born.

Frye teamed up with, creative business savant, Danielle LaVigne. Now the two make a cohesive line of contemporary accessories in brass and leather with a focus on function, form and durability. Finding inspiration from many traditional aesthetics, including vintage textile patterns, geometric forms, and strong architectural lines.

Wisconsin natives, with small town roots, their connection to the Midwest landscape and way of life is evident in their timeless creations. Drawing on the Great Lakes in particular, they bring color and texture to their designs, that are easy to wear, perfect for any occasion and made to last.





Kay makes one-of-a-kind art jewelry pieces incorporating unique minerals, rocks and gemstones. Finished pieces are intricately crafted with variety of beads creating visual movement, reflections and shadows reminiscent of rivers and caves often the very origins of her focal point stones. It’s as if each piece invites the viewer to look closer and experience the wonder.

Lifelong Wisconsin resident, Kay studied studio arts at the University of Wisconsin. In addition to creating art jewelry, she’s done extensive work in textiles and porcelain, won numerous awards and has had work accepted into the Indianapolis Museum of Art, the Neville Public Museum and the J. Michael Kohler Art Museum.





Skye and Peter collaborate on their unique and meticulous bead embroidered couture jewelry. Their jewelry is shown in Boutiques and Galleries around the country, and has been on runways from coast to coast. Their designs are dynamic and everchanging, utilizing a wide variety of materials including gemstones, minerals and found objects. Their most recent collection is called  ”Fragments” and incorporates Anasazi pottery shards from the American Southwest. The centuries-old pottery shards are turned into elaborate necklaces and pendants using sewing and embroidery to achieve the final effect.





Gabriel Guzman creates intriguingly beautiful jewelry. His designs have evolved from living in 5 different countries on 3 different continents.  You can see the respect and beauty of each country exemplified in his pendants and earrings drawn from the ancient symbolism of these cultures. We can’t help but imagine that his Ph.D. in the field of Microbiology has only deepened his interest in detail and design for he has learned from the master, nature itself.
“The 2016 collection has afforded my designs smoother lines and crisp details.  And those smoother lines and details have brought a large selection of beautiful mandala necklaces and earrings in rich metals like silver and brass.  The transition and growth in my designs has found a men’s line of wearable steel that finishes your casual clothing perfectly and adds a nice dimension of the old world look.  As I like to flavor my work with looks from cultures around the globe, you will now also see some Rune, Celtic and Norse inspired jewelry.  I am now adding a few pieces with Swarovski crystals that catch the lights and shimmer beautifully.”
His process is best described in his own words,  “To make my designs come to life in the tridimensional world, every piece goes through a six-step process but I spend most of my time in the creative-designing state.  I consider the properties of a particular metal when I produce the first sketches; a lot of detail and fine curves are best achieved with precious metals (gold, silver, platinum), polished semi-precious metals (brass or bronze), or with metal plating (gold, or rhodium) on a base of polished brass.  For less detail and a ‘rougher’ or antique look and texture, steel in different finishes (polished gold, polished bronze) would make the piece stand out.”

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