Style 2: “Helix/Rope”

The gems and pearls go all the way around this necklace style.  The wire work strands are twisted so that the gems spiral out. There is no back or front to this style and the necklace sits up a bit on the neck.

This necklace is a version of Helix style but with fewer gems… or pearls in this case. I enjoy the earrings with this piece, they were one of the first woven wire pearls placed between two gorgeous glass pearls.

Here we have a six strand version  that is loaded with about one hundred gems and pearls. It’s elegance is one of my favorites! The earrings are great too, a new style I have been working with, drawing the wire work into the earring and a 14K Gold-filled hoop. Click on the Earring Category to see more Woven Hoop earrings.

Here are a few examples.


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