Sari Wrapped Bead Workshop

It was a beautiful Spring day at Udayan. The “big girls” from Udayan showed me where all the old sari fabric was kept and we grabbed a few bundles and brought them to the workshop space. It was so exciting to open them up and see all the beautiful colors, patterns and textures! We set up all the supplies and in no time the Anoothi women were there (coming form Jaipur) and we started working together. The “big girls” were my translators as well as participants in the workshop.


I found my self in the middle of a large circle of amazing female spirits. I spun around for hours teaching, cleaning tools, answering questions, spinning some more. The day went by so fast and we made a great mess. It looked like a tornado ripped through bundles of fabric – it was wonderful! Everyone did a great job and by the end of the day I felt everyone was happily surprised at all the beautiful beads they had made.


The second day of the workshop went great – the entire experience was WONDERFUL!

Everyone started seeing different areas within the sari fabric that would make a good section to cut out for a wooden bead, we found darker sari fabric for the dark wooden beads – everyone was getting into the process with joy and excitement. There was a lot of chatter and laughing among the women – everyone was very productive and all the women seemed to be having a good time!

Over lunch I was talking with two of the administrative women about how these saree wrapped beads can be incorporated into the jewelry, clothing and textiels that Anoothi is already creating. We had many great ideas and the energy was up bead ;) and exciting.

The wind started to blow pretty hard by the end of the day, which helped with the final drying of the beads. I was very proud of everyone. We did it!

I was exhausted! And proud of everyone… it all happened so fast!

All of the women were so wonderful to work with. It has been a great experience. Thank you to the young women from Udayan for being part of the workshop and for being my translators! Thank you to all the Anoothi women for doing such a great job creating these beautiful new beads.

I love this photo because you get a sense of the space that the workshop was held in: on the porch of the Anoothi Building at Udayan in Achrol, India.

Geeta! You are a dear woman. I am grateful for our friendship. Thank you for all your help and support while at Udayan. Blessings

Click on these links to see more images of the Sari Wrapped Bead Workshop:


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