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Angela Lensch Gallery is honored to be featuring the impressive outdoor copper wind sculptures by renowned, regional artist, Dave Riemer. You may recognize his mesmerizing copper wind sculptures from Egg Harbor’s ‘Harbor View Park’ as well as many private collections and galleries around the Midwest.   The flowering gardens of Angela Lensch Gallery now feature over a dozen different styles and sizes of Dave’s amazing  kinetic sculptures. From polished copper to blue/green patina and “Tornados” to “Starflares”

Using the slightest breeze these sculptures move with graceful sweeping arms, changing with the light as they cast complex geometric shadows over your garden. Guaranteed for years of maintenance free motion while remaining outdoors all year round. They will even continue to turn with a full load of snow on them!

Watching their motion has been described to be ‘as relaxing as watching a lazy river’.

Every sculpture is shaped and assembled by hand, using the highest quality bearings, copper, brass and stainless steel. Built to last for decades without maintenance, they will provide a graceful, peaceful motion to any garden.


Small Helix

Patina (blue/green) finish


Beanpole (left) Snapdragon (right – sold)

Patina finish / Polished Copper & Patina



Patina finish


BiDirectional (sold)

Polished Copper outside cup & Patina Copper inside cups


Helix (sold)

Polished Copper finish


Double Helix

Polished Copper outside cup & Patina Copper inside cups


Aquarium (sold)

Polished Copper finish


Flock (sold)

Polished Copper finish



Polished Copper finish


Snapdragon (sold)

Polished Copper outer cups & Patina Copper inside cups


Small Helix’s (sold)

Patina Copper finish (left) Polished Copper finish (right)


Small Music in Motion / Music in Motions / Small Helix

(all sold)

Polished Copper finish

Stay tuned for the

2020 Wind Sculpture Collection

– images will be posted in late Spring 2020…

there are some new artist collaborations underway!!


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