All jewelry pieces are delicate and fragile, that is the nature of jewelry, and my work does not exceed these definitions. Though they are durable and well crafted, maintaining a long life looking new, I do suggest special care.

Smokey Quartz, Glass Crystal, Swarovski Glass Pearl, Sterling Silver


To keep your jewelry looking its best I suggest a couple of things:

  • Put on your jewelry after applying hairspray, perfume, lotion, etc. and the first thing you take off before going to bed, showering, swimming, etc.
  • Store your jewelry in the jewelry box you purchased it in, which has a non-tarnishing polyester fiber insert
  • For extra protection, store in an air tight plastic bag to help prevent tarnish.

The reality is that sterling silver will eventually tarnish, even 14k gold will dull a bit over time. If your jewelry is looking dull or tarnished please take advantage of a FREE CLEANING. I have a specific machine to clean delicate woven wire jewelry. Contact me via email or telephone to arrange for this service.

Thank you!


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