Though all of my Woven Necklaces are one-of-a-kind, the following Woven Necklaces are unique styles that fall OUTSIDE the 3 major woven styles described below:

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“Excitement and enthusiasm are two words that sum up how I am feeling about the endless ideas I have for this line of jewelry! Through my explorations I have come up with several different styles of woven necklaces. For each style the thickness of the piece is related to the number of wire strands which, woven together, determine it’s size. Descriptions, like design, are a work in progress so even if the names may change, you won’t mistake the style.”

Click on the following links to view the three woven styles of Angela Lensch Jewelry:

Style 1 – Traditional

Style 2 – Cluster

Style 2A – Double Cluster

Style 2B – Vintage Glass Button

Style 3 – Helix

If you are interested in purchasing a necklace please feel free to CONTACT me or post a comment and I can put you in contact with the gallery that is carrying the piece and/or I can custom make one similar.


One response to “WOVEN NECKLACES:

  1. sarah

    January 17, 2012 at 3:53 pm

    absolutely gorgeous!


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