‘Heirloom’ is a specific line of Custom Order Angela Lensch Jewelry

Heirloom Pearls, Glass Crystals woven into Sterling Silver

I have talked with so many women and families who have inherited grandmother’s special pearls.  That they are broken or just not the right style is no longer a hindrance to their wear-ability.  Those special necklaces and/or bracelets, be them pearls, gemstone, antique crystal, and/or vintage glass can be transformed into significant and memorable jewelry items.  Through my hands they can continue to be worn and handed down on their generation journey.

I am thrilled with this idea, taking these significant and eloquent pearls or special gems and reincorporating them into my woven matrix of sterling silver or 14k Goldfilled wire.  There are so many ways that we can go with this idea.  In addition to the heirloom elements, incorporating any of the following; gemstones, class crystals, wood, shell, ceramic, etc. reflecting your personality.  This helps to create a celebration of your heritage while also being unique to your style.

I have taken one heirloom necklace and incorporated it into several different jewelry pieces.  Necklaces for the sisters each with a sprinkling of heirloom pearls and different gems to fit the different sisters.  Bracelets for the granddaughters using the same approach, even earrings for the great grand daughters. All different styles using the same heirloom pearls.

Heirloom Pearls, Glass Crystal woven into Sterling Silver

Combine this idea with the Birthstone or Bridal custom order for an even more in depth and meaningful piece of jewelry.

This is what I love about this woven line of jewelry I am creating… the possibilities are endless.


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