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Sarah is a mixed media artist based in Sturgeon Bay, WI. She loves using a range of materials for her creations, including but not limited to glass, ceramic, gemstones and vintage beads. Her work is guided by the energies of the chakras, the divine feminine principles and the cosmos.

“The work I create contains the medicine of what I and the collective are moving through in those moments. To me, the finished piece is a coming back to the whole, while making my pieces healing medicine for all who come into their presence.”




Bask in the kaleidoscope of color exemplified by this incredible stained glass artist, Julie Roux Rutherford. View her many gorgeous pieces presently residing in the gallery and be prepared to be astonished at this artist’s skill as we present her latest work.  Julie is a self-taught professional stained glass artist & has been perfecting her talent for 25 years. Born and raised in Rice Lake, Wisconsin she thrives on Nature’s beauty discovered in her own backyard. This beauty is captured in her awe-inspiring pieces of poppies, lotus, butterflies and humming birds.

Julie believes, ”the greatest reward and gift of art is meant to be shared and enjoyed by everyone around us as it spreads a sense of joy and contentment.” You can see and feel this exact sentiment when your eyes light upon one of her productions.




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Gabriel Guzman creates intriguingly beautiful jewelry. His designs have evolved from living in 5 different countries on 3 different continents.  You can see the respect and
beauty of each country exemplified in his pendants and earrings drawn from the ancient symbolism of these cultures. We can’t help but imagine that his Ph.D. in the field of Microbiology has only deepened his interest in detail and design for he has learned from the master, nature itself.
“The collection has afforded my designs smoother lines and crisp details.  And those smoother lines and details have brought a large selection of beautiful mandala necklaces and earrings in rich metals like silver and brass.”



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Mike started is art as a birthday present of sculpting classes. After several months, he discovered that he really enjoyed sculpting and that he definitely had an eye for detail. His pieces have been sculpted in clay and then bronzed using the lost wax method.

The process begins with creating a polyurethane rubber mold. A plaster casing then encases the mold which has to cure for about two weeks. Once the vessel is cured it is then taken to the bronze process. Bronze is pored at a temperature over 2000 degrees. After the bronze cools the image is taken and sandblasted and the patina process begins.




We are honored to feature the renowned, Wisconsin based artist and our mentor, David Riemer’s one-of-a-kind, kinetic sculptures.

Make sure to also stop and see Riemer’s three kinetic sculptures on display at Harbor View Park in the Village of Egg Harbor.

Dave retired at the end of 2019 and handed the art down to resident artists Tony Bessen & Angela Lensch.  A few of Dave’s unique and grandiose retirement sculptures may be on display in the flower filled gardens of Angela Lensch Gallery from time to time.



Open Daily, May – October 10a-5p : Closed Wednesday’s


One response to “GUEST ARTISTS

  1. Kathy Uebel

    September 19, 2018 at 1:17 pm

    We love our 3 large and intricate David Riemer Wind Sculptures and they add such beauty and grace to our garden. All of our neighbors and friends that visit feel like they are in “a sanctuary” as it is so peaceful with the Koi pond and these beautiful copper wind sculptures.


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