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NEW Clip-On Earrings

Upper Left: NEW Filigree Clip-On’s with my signature “Woven Pearls”. Upper Right: Lever Clip-on without half ball (right earring is regular french hook) dangle with gemstones and pearls. Lower Left: extra large Hoop Clip-On earrings with gemstone drops. Lower Right: extra small Hoop Clip-On (right earring is regular french hook) with dangle marquise and smokey quartz.

Angela Lensch Gallery has a variety of Clip-On Earring options for all those women out there without pierced ears. Nearly all of Angela’s handmade earrings are now able to be converted to be a Clip-On Earring. With Angela tending the shop and her studio in the back of the gallery it only takes a few minutes to have a pair of earrings switched over. And to top off this great opportunity, Angela has a variety of Clip-On Earring styles. “My favorite new Clip-On option are the Hoops! From the size of a dime to hoops larger then a silver dollar. I have four different hoop earring sizes now available for non-pierced ears, in both gold and silver.” Also available are the traditional half ball lever clip-ons, a similar style without the ball and the newest, a filigree half ball (featured in picture with my signature “Woven Pearl” earrings. Clip-On earrings can be hard to find or only come in a limited number of options, this is not the case at Angela Lensch Gallery. “Lets give Clip-On Earrings a new definition; from simple drops, to fabulous dangles, to stylish HOOPS!” shares Angela with enthusiasm. Stop in today to see these new fantastic styes!


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Event Poster!


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Aqua Tiger

This is a woven, three strand, Traditional Style necklace. Tiger Eye, Turquoise and Smokey Quartz woven into 14k Gold-Filled wire. Accented with my goddess style earrings. I love how this set matches concrete artist, Dylan Lauger’s Concrete Panels. Both of these items are available at Plum Bottom Pottery.


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I have updated my Gallery listing.

Click on here to see the updates and feel free to follow the links to find out more about these wonderful galleries.


NEW! Orbit Earrings

14k gold filled woven pearls with 14k orbiting hoops. Various sizes available.

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My Favorite Cluster Necklace!

Golden Sun - Set


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