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My Favorite Cluster Necklace!

Golden Sun - Set


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Mother of Pearl with a Hint of Plum

Mother of Pearl, Garnet and Pearl woven into 14k Goldfilled wire

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Carnelian, Mother of Pearl woven into 14K Goldfilled wire

This is a dazzling new necklace I made for Valentines Day. Loaded with approximately 80 various Carnelian gems and a sprinkle of Mother of Pearl.  It is woven into about 60 feet of 14k Goldfilled wire, creating an exquisite piece!

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Heirloom Pearls and Glass Crystals woven into Sterling Silver

This is a Custom Order Heirloom Pearl Necklace. Thank you Marcy for this order! Your grandmothers pearls are gorgeous and I love the color request of coppers and browns and woven into Sterling Silver. The ‘Cluster’ Style works great for this piece.


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Denim Blues

Iolite, Kyanite and Pearl woven into Sterling Silver

I feel very passionate about the jewelry I am making. It is like painting with gemstones/pearls. Which is perfect for me with my 3D background in sculpture and furniture. I am a hands on builder. When I was creating sculpture and furniture I wanted to incorporate more color into the work but struggled with it because I wanted it to be natural feeling, not just painted with a brush… maybe I could have gotten into stains and patinas more, BUT I have really found that “natural color” in working with gemstones! Everyday I realize how jewelry is such a great fit for my personality and who I am today. Yea!

This necklace is causal and yet stylin’ Great for the blue eyed lady! Also great for any woman who sports denim. Dress up blue jeans and a white button up shirt with this necklace. Would also rock a black outfit. Very versatile!



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2009 Gold Necklaces

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2009 Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver… I did not get a chance to document many of my sterling silver necklaces. I had run out and the reorder was on back order for… a while, so I made a bunch of 14k goldfilled jewelry before this photo shoot. I received the sterling silver wire in the spring and before you knew it summer was here and jewelry was selling and busy Door County was keeping me busy.


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“Rare Chair Affair 2009″

In October of 2009, I was excited to participate in the Wisconsin Breast Cancer Coalition’s fundraiser “Rare Chair Affair 2009” in Milwaukee, WI. I donated a necklace similar to the one below (never took a photo of it) with a matching pair of earrings. I am glad I could contribute to such a worthy cause.

This is such a beautiful necklace. I had had the focal point mussel shell for years, it was beautiful and I loved it when I bought it but it was such a statement that I was having a hard time finding the pearls and gemstones to go with it, let alone style of wire work. So as my work evolved I finally had the right combination and a new woven wire technique that worked perfectly for the mussel shell. And there you have it.

A mix of pink pearls and pink quartz woven into 14k goldfilled wire with pink mussel shell focal point.


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