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Happy 4th of July

Enjoy some of our latest Kinetic Sculptures in Copper and Brass!!

Double Helix (polished oval cups & patina fish cups) 48in tall x 27in wide
Large Music in Motion (polished oval cups) 56in tall x 32in wide
Large Helix polished oval cups) 56in tall x 32in wide
Large Diamond (patina diamond cups) 56in tall x 32in wide
Tornado (polished fish cups) 36in x 20in
Chandeliers (patina diamonds) left: 30in x 20in, right 30in x 16in
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Magic Mosaics

We are excited to introduce Sarah Try, local Door County Artist to the gallery this year!!

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Open for the 2021 Season

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Shifting Seasonal Gears!

Thank you to all the amazing customers who have been able to support the gallery both personally and online during this most unusual year. And for everyone who was not able to make it to Door County this year, we are so excited to see you soon.

Our brick and mortar gallery is now closed for the rest of the 2020 season. Appointments are available by calling 920.868.5088 or email:

Check out our online shop in the meantime:

A Note from Angela: Year One of Wind Sculpture Production:

Tony and I have been incredibly busy and focused on mastering the creation of the copper wind sculptures since December of 2019 through early October 2020.

From December thru April we worked four days a week in our friend’s shop cutting out and shaping over 3,000 copper cups and prepping the axel, shaft and brass rods for over 60 wind sculptures. Tony had gigs with “Unity the Band” every weekend until the lockdown in mid March. In February Tony put his 3 month notice in with the band (after 15 years of being a full time traveling musician he was ready for a break – little did he know that the entire music industry would be forced to also take a ‘break’).

May thru early October we worked on assembling, cleaning, polishing and/or patina and clear coating the wind sculptures. We did this on every nice day we had. Eventually we were able to fill up the sculpture garden and do our best to keep it full throughout the season. It was a fun dance between soldering cups or polishing and tending to customers when they came in. Needless to say the summer flew by with the new routine.

In early October the temperature dropped and for the first time in 10 months we were able to take a break from production. This gave us time to harvest the garden and prepare for winter. And also took the opportunity to dive back into jewelry and mosaic production which will be ongoing during the off season.

We have so many wonderful new creative ideas for 2021!! Stay tuned to a whole new collection of Copper Kinetic Wind Sculptures, Indoor and Outdoor Mosaics and a fresh new collection of Handmade Jewelry!!

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Gift of Tears!

We are so excited to debut our first song, “Gift of Tears.” Written (lyrics by Angela Lensch) and produced (music and production by Tony Bessen, vocals by Bobbie Blackburn) during the winter of 2018/19. The song celebrates the healing power of tears/crying and the importance of holding sacred space for oneself and another when the gift appears.

In the winter/spring of 2020, Angela created a mosaic violin, inspired by our new song, for Midsummer’s Music Fundraiser for their 30th anniversary. Please enjoy the video Tony created to feature our song and the new mosaic violin.


There will be a Live Auction of the 10 violins decorated by Door County artists. View all 10 magnificent violins and watch interview videos with the artists under the Events tab on our website. Download the Violins Trail guide to visit the instruments at Door County galleries.

Anyone can view the first hour of the gala by visiting Midsummer’s website at, Facebook page, or YouTube channel. The program will include magical musical moments from the 2020 virtual season, which ran from August 5 through September 13.

Registration is required for participation in the silent auction and is available by texting vgala2020 to 76278 or going online at

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2020 Stained Glass by Julie Rutherford


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Bask in the kaleidoscope of color exemplified by this incredible Stained Glass Artist, Julie Roux Rutherford. View her many gorgeous pieces presently residing in the gallery and be prepared to be astonished at this artist’s skill as we present her latest work.  Julie is a self-taught professional Stained Glass Artist & has been perfecting her talent for 30 years. Born and raised in Rice Lake, Wisconsin she thrives on Nature’s beauty discovered in her own backyard. This beauty is captured in her awe-inspiring pieces of poppies, lotus, butterflies and humming birds. Other examples of her work will bring out your contemplative side containing the pattern and detail of a devotional piece.

Julie believes…”the greatest reward and gift of art is meant to be shared and enjoyed by everyone around us as it spreads a sense of joy and contentment.” You can see and feel this exact sentiment when your eyes light upon one of her productions.

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2020 Kinetic Sculptures in Copper & Brass

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Using the slightest breeze these sculptures move with graceful sweeping arms, changing with the light as they cast complex geometric shadows over your garden. Guaranteed for years of maintenance free motion while remaining outdoors all year round. They will even continue to turn with a full load of snow on them!

Watching their motion has been described to be ‘as relaxing as watching a lazy river’.

Every sculpture is shaped and assembled by hand, using the highest quality bearings, copper, brass and stainless steel. Built to last for decades without maintenance, they will provide a graceful, peaceful motion to any garden.

The flowering gardens of Angela Lensch Gallery feature over a dozen different styles and sizes of their kinetic sculptures. From polished copper to blue/green patina.


  • all the copper cups are hand cut from a large sheet of copper
  • then each cup is hand shaped with an air hammer on an oak log
  • solid brass rods are used to hold the cups in alignment
  • specific degrees/angles are laid out for each design and soldered
  • all spin on a solid stainless steel axel with
  • a greaseless bearing (top) & bushing (bottom)
    • no oiling or maintenance needed


  • every sculpture is either hand polished (copper)
  • or sprayed with a patina (blue/green)
  • and then sealed with a high quality clear coat
  • they will keep their final finish for 10-15 years
  • sculptures can be outdoors year round


  • they travel with ease in most vehicles because of their durable & lightweight design
  • shipping is also available through Pack-N-Ship
    •  a custom wooden crate is made for the piece so that it is suspended within the crate during shipping

‘Helix’ (left) / “Tornado” (right)

by Angela Lensch & Tony Bessen

Polished Copper finish

Angela & Tony learned the art of kinetic copper & brass sculpture from their mentor; the renowned, Wisconsin artist, David Riemer. You may recognize his mesmerizing copper wind sculptures from Egg Harbor’s ‘Harbor View Park’ as well as many private collections and galleries around the Midwest. Riemer’s kinetic sculptures were featured at Dovetail Gallery (2010-2014) in Egg Harbor prior to being featured at Angela Lensch Gallery (2016-2020). He retired from production sculpture at the end of 2019 and is enjoying exploring one-of-a-kind copper sculptures in his free time.

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Acrylic on Canvas Paintings

NEW to the Gallery for the 2020 Season!

Jeanne Kuhns

Door County Artist

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Jeanne learned an appreciation for the painting process at her Grandmother’s knee, watching her paint in her studio with the scent of turpentine and cedar trees in the air. Her life has taken her on many disciplinary roads and she has at different times focused on music, art and nursing.

She began painting professionally in 1996 and sought out the art community in Door County. Refreshing and expanding her skills by taking classes at Peninsula Art School in watercolor, figure drawing and acrylic painting.

In 2001 Jeanne called Door County her home. From 2008 – 2019 was the resident artist at Lost Moth Gallery (Egg Harbor) and currently, besides at Angela Lensch Gallery, her large paintings are featured at Off the Wheel Pottery (Egg Harbor).

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Open for the Season 2020!

2020 Ad copy 2

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Copper Garden Flowers

Copper Garden Flower w/ Mosaic Ball
By David Riemer & Angela Lensch


Visitors are welcome to enjoy our outdoor sculpture gardens.

Stay tuned for our new “Jewelry for Garden” section on our ONLINE STORE.

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