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PinPoint Art Rocks

Door County artist Ade Webber’s PinPoint Art Rocks are now on display at Angela Lensch Gallery featuring a grand selection of his hand painted Door County smooth stones. Stop by and see these amazing hand held treasures of color, texture and design. Webber was born and raised in England and has recently retired after 33 years of teaching at Sevastopol High School in Door County. He is an autodidactic of pin point art and is taking this opportunity to return his energy and dedication to using his skills in these exquisitely detailed Stones. “Each painted stone is beyond unique and a meditation that can be held in your hand. Ade’s mandala stones are breath taking. There is something to the weight of the stone in your hand and the intricate pin point art that surrounds them that give a profound feeling of joy and calmness,” states gallery owner Angela Lensch.

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