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Udayan – Achrol, India

Udayan meaning “Rising Above” is Vatsalya’s residential care program. It aims at giving a safe and enabling environment to orphaned, abandoned and destitute children. We invest in transforming their negative and hostile mindsets into positive-thinking, happy young adults. This is facilitated by interventions focused on emotional, spiritual, intellectual and professional development. Udayan has assisted 393 orphaned, abandoned and destitute children during the past 9 years in finding a life for themselves. 56 are living at present under the care and protection of Vatsalya. One of the most unique aspects of this ‘magical’ place is the community that comprises of ‘Aunties’; displaced, widowed or abandoned women who are taken in to help care for the children.


To progress Indian society by enabling our disadvantaged children to achieve their true potential.


By direct action and intervention, provide a caring environment where our disadvantaged and vulnerable children can develop their capabilities with dignity.

Our hope is to build the ‘Udayan’ community and offer a safe, nurturing environment to many more children in need. If you would like to help support this initiative please donate now.

Today we are taking it easy at Udayan. Enjoying the lively energy of the kids and the beautiful Spring weather. It is so wonderful here – everyone is so kind and welcoming. Here are a few photos of Udayan.

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