Daily Archives: December 15, 2009

Denim Blues

Iolite, Kyanite and Pearl woven into Sterling Silver

I feel very passionate about the jewelry I am making. It is like painting with gemstones/pearls. Which is perfect for me with my 3D background in sculpture and furniture. I am a hands on builder. When I was creating sculpture and furniture I wanted to incorporate more color into the work but struggled with it because I wanted it to be natural feeling, not just painted with a brush… maybe I could have gotten into stains and patinas more, BUT I have really found that “natural color” in working with gemstones! Everyday I realize how jewelry is such a great fit for my personality and who I am today. Yea!

This necklace is causal and yet stylin’ Great for the blue eyed lady! Also great for any woman who sports denim. Dress up blue jeans and a white button up shirt with this necklace. Would also rock a black outfit. Very versatile!



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