2009 Gold Necklaces

12 Dec

Thank You to all those who have purchased Angela Lensch Jewelry during this fantastic year of 2009. I hope you are enjoying your jewelry and compliments are abundant:) The following are images of 14k Gold Filled Necklaces that have found new homes.

Moukaite, Garnet and Pearls woven into 14k Goldfilled wire

This Moukaite necklace is one of my favorites! I love Moukaite, it has such a rich color of plums and mauves to creams and rusts. Loves to be combined with Garnet and the various pearls pull it all together. About 70 feet of goldfilled wire woven into this necklace with about 80 some gemstones and pearls. Yummy piece.

Turquoise, Lava Stone, Amber, Czech Glass and Pearls woven into 14k Goldfilled wire

Ah, this Turquoise donut was gorgeous!!! Loaded with rich colors that inspired me to incorporate the amber and copper pearls, both blue and blue green turquoise, went with the lava stone for the black because it has a bit more of a matt finish to it like that in the donut. Nice variation of sizes with in the necklace play with the power of the Turquoise donut.

Sunstone, Peridot and Labradorite woven into 14k Goldfilled wire

My third go at a “Tube” Style necklace, I went with small facetted rondelles and used a finer gauge wire. Love the sunstone focal point, this is a sweet delicate little necklace, a nice style. I look forward to creating more necklaces like this.

Lapis, Labradorite, Czech Glass and Pearls woven into 14k Goldfilled wire

Wavy Lapis Coins. I still have a pair of earrings to go with this piece in the wavy Lapis… Gorgeous! This Necklace found its home to a great lady in Louisiana. The large wavy coins give such a different feel to this style of “Flat” necklaces. Love it!

Labradorite and Onyx woven into 14k Goldfilled wire

A fantastic quality of Labradorite, hard to photograph though with all its icy glowing accents. Love the onyx toggle on this necklace and the small faceted onyx gemstones.

Let me know if you are interested in any of the above pieces and I can custom make you one similar, as they are all one-of-a kind, every gemstone is unique to itself, and every loop part of that moment…


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