2009 Copper Necklaces

12 Dec

Thank You to all those who have purchased Angela Lensch Jewelry during this fantastic year of 2009. I hope you are enjoying your jewelry and compliments are abundant:) The following are images of Copper Necklaces that have found new homes.

Green Opal, Czech Glass and Pearls woven into Copper

GREEN OPAL!!! I loved this gemstone and with the right mix of pearls and czech glass… and the copper wire, a very dynamic piece came out. The woman who bought this just rocked this piece, she had a nice tan skin tone, coppery brown hair and big green eyes. It was like the necklace was made for her. That is what I mean when a necklace does not feel finished until it finds the right person to bring out those final touches.

Turquoise, Czech Glass and Pearls woven into 14k Goldfilled wire

A beautiful light blue turquoise with a nice coppery gold webbing in it, so I accented that webbing with a dusting of pearls and czech glass crystals. Warm piece yet cool with the turquoise. The center disc was a dynamic focal point, I really liked the feel of this necklace.

A really playful piece with a mix of gemstones and pearls, another ‘tube’ style woven in copper. Love the energy of this necklace!


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